09/11/2017: Duel Kurz-Kern pushes the little ones When asked about the chancellorship, Sebastian Kurz and Christian Kern have an exciting duel.

09/11/2017: Duel Kurz-Kern pushes the little ones When asked about the chancellorship, Sebastian Kurz and Christian Kern have an exciting duel.

09/11/2017: Duel short-core pushes the little ones

When asked about the chancellorship, Sebastian Kurz and Christian Kern deliver an exciting one


. Whom does it harm?

09/08/2017: NEOS want to join the government

The NEOS come with a

Government announcement

started the intensive election campaign. “I’m ready,” said top candidate Matthias Strolz when asked whether he wanted to be Vice Chancellor. He would also like to provide the education minister, he said in front of around 800 visitors at the start of the election campaign in a building at the new business university. He also warned of “orbanism” under black and blue.

08.09.2017: FPÖ presents second wave of posters


FPÖ presented its second wave of posters

for the National Council election 2017. “Austrians deserve fairness” is the motto of the FPÖ in this election campaign.

07.09.2017: Fact check ÖVP: Wrong election promises?

As you know, a lot is promised before the National Council election. But a lot would simply not be possible. Because even politicians have to obey laws. News subjected the election programs to a fact check. This time: The

Tax cut by the ÖVP


06.09.2017: Dispute: Core vs. Strache


Christian Kern

met FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache on Wednesday. The first duel of the election campaign.

September 6, 201: In short: fathers should pass on bonuses

“90 percent of the

Single mothers

have children who have a father who is known “

05.09.2017: Peter Pilz: Black-Red “very realistic”

The announcement by Chancellor Christian Kern that the Social Democrats will go into opposition second

Peter Pilz

no belief.

05.09.2017: Sebastian Kurz presents the ÖVP election program

ÖVP boss

Sebastian Kurz

today presents the first parts of its program for the National Council election on October 15th under the title “New Justice”.

05.09.2017: Federal Chancellor Christian Kern in the “ORF Summer Talk”

With chancellor

Christian Kern

this year’s ORF “Summer Talks” have come to an end. Kern spoke about a possible government, internal party start-up difficulties and vacation.

04.09.2017: Pilz wants to halve funding for political parties

In terms of content, Pilz demanded about that

Halving of party funding

, The goal for October 15th is the two-digit number.

04.09.2017: Sebastian Kurz cuts social benefits for immigrants


ÖVP election manifesto

can be briefly summarized: Less taxes, fewer foreigners.

04.09.2017: What you want to know about Sebastian Kurz

Who is behind the rise of

Sebastian Kurz

? What is shortly before? Questions and answers about the ÖVP boss.

02.09.2017: On vacation with Kern? Tarek Leitner in the criticism

From the ÖVP comes criticism of an alleged close relationship between Chancellor Kern and the summer talks “moderator

Tarek Leitner

expertpaperhelp testimonials.

01.09.2017: Hofer sees a duel with ÖVP for first place

The third President of the National Council and FPÖ vice-party leader Norbert Hofer sees a duel between the Freedom Party and the ÖVP for first place in the National Council election. For the SPÖ, on the other hand, “the question will be how it ends up at around 20 percent,” said Hofer on Friday in Innsbruck.

01.09.2017: SPÖ sued Sebastian Kurz

The SPÖ is outraged about the submission of donations

Sebastian Kurz

and is now filing a lawsuit.

09/01/2017: Why are election campaigns so expensive?

If you believe the parties’ announcements, this will be the cheapest National Council election campaign in the last decade and a half. A look at past elections shows that the seven million cap is a chimera. But why actually? The answer is there



August 31, 2017: FPÖ tours with a coach

The FPÖ is touring the country in the election campaign in a 14-meter-long coach. Party leader and top candidate Heinz-Christian Strache invited to the interior of the black luxury liner at the town hall in Vienna on Thursday afternoon. The Freedom Party in Styria will start theirs on Saturday

“Fairness Tour”


08/31/2017: “At its core, Kurz is a Strache”

ÖVP and FPÖ are getting closer and closer, say the Greens. Your slogan:

“At its core, Kurz is a Strache”

08/31/2017: Schelling wants to remain a minister

The campaigning finance minister

Hans Jörg Schelling

wants to keep his ministerial post after the National Council election and calls for a significant reduction in the tax rate.

08/30/2017: ÖVP starts tour through federal states

To the

Start of his election campaign tour

ÖVP’s top candidate Sebastian Kurz was drawn to the main political stage of the FPÖ: to Ried im Innkreis, the Innviertel district capital with 11,500 inhabitants, which is mainly known because of the political Ash Wednesday of the Blues. Now the ÖVP blew there to the turquoise “departure”.

08/30/2017: ÖVP peaks issue a “profit warning”

ÖVP country manager

Günther Platter

reminds of 2006: “I warn you”

08/29/2017: Greens no longer want interceptors

The Greens want to abolish active air surveillance in Austria: “We don’t need any new interceptors,” said top candidate Ulrike Lunacek at a press conference on Tuesday. Passive air surveillance using radar is “sufficient,” she said. The money saved should be put into the education system. In the Ministry of Defense you can find that “dubious”.

08/28/2017: Kurz leaves possible coalition partners open

First of all, the voter must decide, said the Foreign Minister in his first ORF “Summer Talk” on Monday evening. In addition, he insists on a reduction in the tax and contribution rate. This should be implemented, for example, by reducing subsidies.

08/28/2017: mushroom number one on the mushroom list

The Pilz list announced the top ten on the federal list on Monday. At the top is founder Peter Pilz, followed by startup coach Stephanie Cox. As expected, lawyer Alfred Noll, who initiated the list with Pilz, landed a prominent place on the list. Fourth place went to the previous SPÖ member Daniela Holzinger.

08/28/2017: First details on Kurz’s election program

On Monday, the first details from the election manifesto of ÖVP top candidate Sebastian Kurz were published in several newspapers. The ÖVP wants to close tax escape routes and fight tax fraud. The debt ratio is to be reduced to 60 percent in the medium term and a debt brake in the constitution. In addition, the blacks are calling for a move away from the unrestricted zero interest rate policy of the European Central Bank and are resisting the abolition of cash. One wants to equate workers and employees.

08/26/2017: Short election campaigns in Lower Austria

On Saturday, the always modern styled new ÖVP boss and top candidate, city resident Sebastian Kurz, appeared in a traditional jacket – after all, there was one

Appointment at the ÖVP farmers’ union

at. When Georg Strasser was elected as the new President of the Bauernbund in Yspertal in Lower Austria, the Foreign Minister was the star of the morning in front of loyal ÖVP regulars.

08/25/2017: Which politicians the Austrians trust

The election campaign has been going well for the ÖVP, but not for the SPÖ. This is reflected in the APA / OGM-

Confidence index

Against: Chancellor and SPÖ leader Christian Kern lost to 13 points in the summer months. ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz, already first, added something and got almost twice as many trust points as Kern.

08/25/2017: Pilz list: These are the candidates for Vorarlberg

The PR consultant Thomas Nasswetter from Hard am Bodensee is at the top of the state list of

List mushroom for the National Council election

on October 15th.

08/24/2017: FPÖ starts “fairness” election campaign

“Austrians deserve fairness

“This is the motto of the FPÖ for its election campaign, as General Secretary Herbert Kickl announced at the presentation of the first wave of posters on Thursday morning.

08/23/2017: NEOS present posters



change perspective in their first poster campaign for the National Council election.

08/21/2017: Strache submitted a federal election list


-Boss Heinz-Christian Strache submitted the blue federal list for the National Council election to the election department of the Interior Ministry on Monday. The aim is to gain confidence in the polls on October 15, the party leader said before the list began.

08/19/2017: This is behind the “whites”

Behind the surprising list of “


“, who are standing nationwide in the national elections, are three members of the Stronach team. Waltraud Dietrich, Leo Steinbichler and Ulla Weigerstorfer made the candidacy possible with their signatures.

08/18/2017: A “real Viennese” for Sebastian Kurz

Police Vice President

Karl Mahrer

goes into the race for Sebastian Kurz in Vienna. As a “real Viennese” he also wants to fight politically for “security”.

08/18/2017: Roland Dühringer and the election

The cabaret artist

Roland Düringer

has done it: He has collected 4,500 declarations of support, enough to be on the ballot for the National Council election in October across Austria.

08/17/2017: ÖVP candidates: A bang (comment)

The ÖVP under

Sebastian Kurz

is located to the right of center, shows expertise and has little to do with the old ÖVP. A comment by Gerfried Sperl.

08/14/2017: Do the Greens have to be afraid of Peter Pilz?

The Green Federal Spokeswoman

Ingrid Felipe

faces the ORF summer talk tonight. And there are enough unanswered questions: For example, how the Greens stand for Peter Pilz’s candidacy and what chances they hope for from the dual leadership of Felipe and Lunacek.

05.08.2017: Surveys: ÖVP overtakes SPÖ in Vienna

Published in on Saturday


Sebastian Kurz’s ÖVP is still clearly in the lead. What is new, however, is that for the first time in traditionally red Vienna, the People’s Party is ranked first before the SPÖ.

04.08.2017: SPÖ starts summer campaign



presented their first election posters on Friday. The central slogan is the “Get what you deserve” familiar from the election manifesto. Topics are work, pensions and tax cuts.

07/28/2017: Kira Grünberg stands for New People’s Party

The former pole vaulter

Kira Grünberg

, who sits in a wheelchair after a training accident, is running in the National Council election for the ÖVP on the 10th list position as well as regionally.

07/26/2017: Briefly more popular than Kern

Sebastian Kurz

symbolizes a new beginning for young people. Kern stands for experience. That is the opinion of the youth.

07/25/2017: Peter Pilz presents the list

Peter Pilz

stands with a list in the National Council election. “We dare to”

07/24/2017: Ulrike Lunacek: “We’ll definitely get into the National Council”

Ulrike Lunacek

on the departure of Peter Pilz and the Greens’ expectations of the National Council election in October.

July 20, 2017: Fight for the top: Current poll on the National Council election

A new National Council will be elected ahead of schedule on October 15, 2017. Loud

News poll

92 percent of Austrians intend to go to the polls. Who is currently ahead and which Chancellor – if it were possible – would be directly elected.

07/13/2017: This is how it continues after the National Council dissolution

After the premature

Dissolution of the National Council

on Thursday, with the early termination of the 25th legislative period, the Council of Ministers will decide on the election date tomorrow (October 15). The Federal President must then publicly announce this in the Federal Law Gazette. The formal preparations for the 22nd National Council election of the Second Republic will begin on July 25th.

07/12/2017: Political parties collect donations

The ÖVP has 69,000 euros in the first week


collected. The SPÖ is lagging behind with 4,533 euros for the time being.

07/10/2017: Three parties are fighting for first place

In the

National Council election

According to experts, a three-way battle for first place can be expected despite the current ÖVP survey high.

07/06/2017: Haselsteiner and Co. launch anti-FPÖ platform


“No to Öxit” campaign

, A donation-financed platform is now forming against the FPÖ.

July 6th, 2017: With 7 election gifts in the summer

And the government is working. Or at least make us believe it. Numerous legislative changes were passed through parliament quickly before the summer. Some are nothing less than small or large

Presents before the ballot

in the autumn.

06/28/2017: Peter Pilz – The big reckoning

Comes the

List mushroom

? How does he react to being kicked out of the Greens? News spoke to the discoverer Peter Pilz.

26.06.2017: Lunacek: “New list of the Greens”

The federal congress of the Greens in Linz is on Sunday with the election of the top candidate

Ulrike Lunacek

ended in the federal executive committee of the party. The inclusion of EU parliamentarian Michel Reimon in this group was also confirmed.

05/29/2017: Heinz-Christian Strache: “At least 25 percent should be in it”

Elections will take place on October 15th It will be a three-way battle between Kern, Kurz and Strache. Whether the head of the Freedom Party,

Heinz-Christian Strache

, can win in this constellation is questionable. That is why he calls ÖVP opponent Sebastian Kurz as a precautionary Karl-Heinz-Grasser replacement.

May 16, 2017: New elections: date fixed

Austria chooses

a new National Council on October 15. The parliamentary groups agreed on this on Tuesday. Until then, according to the SPÖ and ÖVP, work should continue as constructively as possible. However, SP chief Christian Kern did not rule out looking for majorities outside the ÖVP. The new Vice Chancellor will not be VP Chief Sebastian Kurz, but Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter.

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